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The office design pictures catalog of Shevet Binyamin will open a world of advanced, innovative, and original design to you. Each office we designed was a new challenge for us, and we met and even exceeded expectations.

Office planning: the idea of office planning isn’t just to separate spaces and make room for each worker. The idea of office planning is to implant in the office plan the messages of the company’s vision and values.
Office planning is a profession intended to help you take a certain space and adapt it to the needs of your business or company.
The choices of space division and worker placement must be developed based on information provided the owner of the office. There is significance and logic in the placement of certain workers on the left or the right side, where the meeting room is located, the office of the chief executive, and more.
The character of activities in the office, the connections and cooperation between people and the desired atmosphere in the office all affect the planning of the office and its result. Nothing is accidental or vague, everything has a reason.
Designing the Company Vision – Office Planning
The company’s vision is its purpose. The vision represents the company’s scale of values, its viability in its field, its brand, and achievements. All these will be expressed when office planners come to design a given office.
The idea behind office planning isn’t simply to provide a workspace for each worker. The idea of office planning is to embed in the office plan the messages of the company’s vision and values. This may be expressed in the company’s choice of furniture, the choice of parquet, the shade of wall paint – in design each element, material, and shade of color hold a message. For example, it is known that terrazzo floors project coolness, and parquet expresses warmth. Similarly, wooden tables with green walls say something about the company’s relationship with nature, and there is significance to the choice of glass tables with nickel legs or Roman shades over the window.
No choice is random, by chance, or independent of other choices. The totality of a specific office plan creates the concept of the place.
A restaurant may have a logo which is repeated on the menus, its website, and so on. Office planning creates the design language of a place which is translated into the vision and values of the design and planning of the space.
A Beautiful Office – A Matter of Status
These days technology is everywhere, and some of it enters every office. In this environment of sophisticated machinery, how is it possible to create a pleasant atmosphere, one which embraces the workers rather than alienating them? Of course, there are many ways to add color to a drab office, and ways to add warmth to an office with a limited budget. Sometimes a single element can bring the design closer to the objective, and of course an office planner knows that.
A beautiful office adds to status, say owners of a company for office planning, it creates a certain impression on clients, workers enjoy an environment expressing good tastes, and of course it influences their mood.
Office planning is not only intended to create a well-designed office, but also to be user-friendly. The easier it is to function in the office, the more pleasant it is for the workers, the will function without mistakes, and the right lighting and sometimes background music add to the atmosphere.

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