Fields of Expertise

Our company's contracted project undergoes a thorough, meticulous planning process drilling down to the minor details

Shevet Binyamin is a highly experienced contracting company specializing in finishing work and office interior design. Every project’s subcontractor selected to execute, on behalf of our company, is obliged to extensive planning down to the minor details. The stage to follow is the executive stage that takes charge of supervision of our outstanding experienced, and professional team who warrants an impeccable standard while meeting the project’s budget concluded and the schedule pre-defined timeline.

The company Complies with the rigid Israeli labor standards and Internationally. Amid the works the company provides for its business sector customers:

Gypsum performances

Shevet Binyamin specializes in performing all types of gypsum work, whether for operative or decorative purposes. The work is carried out through maintaining quality, creativity, high finishing level while providing an impeccable and perfect result for the clients' requirements.

Glass curtain walls

Glass curtain walls are presently one of the most innovative and popular trends in the field of design. Shevet Binyamin specializes in installing high-quality glass curtain walls, providing a luxurious and unique look to the building.


The company specializes in installing all flooring types, including parquet, cast concrete, ceramics, carpets of all sorts, and more. The company guarantees using the highest raw materials exclusively on the market, which will be used and executed by the most top skilled professionals committed to use and follow the most up to date existing leading standards in the market.

Electrical systems

The company designs and installs water and electricity systems. It specializes in installing smart electrical systems while fully adapting these to the area's conditions and customers' needs and requirements.

Fire and Water Detection and Extinguishing Systems

With various outstanding innovative fire detection and extinguishing solutions in the market, all solutions the company offers meet the fire services' strict measures and the Israeli Standards Institute.


The company executes paint jobs of various types and works while using the most reliable paints and raw materials, applying malicious emphasis on each detail.

Demolition works

The Demolition process deals with various wall types. The field specialists carry it out after meticulous inspections, comprehensive planning of the work, and care to perform professionally, accurately, and safely.

Installation of Air Conditioning Systems

The planning and the layout of the advanced air conditioning systems are customized to the client's needs and are performed by the leading companies' in the field.

Shevet Binyamin is based on professional project managers and experts in their fields who are hands-on operators and always present on-site. The project team will accompany all stages of the work and the project’s executive stages, ensuring uncompromising quality and providing a flawless “finished product” consisting of the project’s particular needs and the client’s specifications. The company holds noble project success in its reach resume, trusted by remarkable well-known leading architects in Israel and the architecture industry. Our uncompromising finish level is a fingerprint of our company and well recognized in each of our projects. The finish is established and mingled in perfect synergy with the prominent business centers and towers in Gush Dan and the surrounding area.

Shevet Binyamin operation methodology

Shevet Binyamin follows a fastidious operation methodology in order  to facilitate efficient processes and deliver precise results in a minimal time.

Launch the project and prepare a timetable

We first choose the most suited managers and consultants for the project. At the second stage we begin downloading procurement tasks to critical paths to expedite procurement orders while following close project deadlines and suppliers' deadlines.

Collaterals and Insurances

It is essential to maintain safety throughout the project lifetime. Therefore, in the initial stages, we emphasize concluding with guarantees, standards, procedures and the appropriate insurances required to execute the project.

Coordinate the start working date

At this stage we will encounter a meeting with the building management to review and match expectations.

Top Subcontractors

We find it essential and uncompromisable to maintain a high level of execution. That is why all subcontractors are thoroughly selected when considering in mind the very best for the project.

Field tour with the project's contractors

It is fundamental to explore the area for grasping the broad picture. Accordingly, all associates project's working figures, including  Consultants, Architects, Supervisors, and other contractors involved will be required to tour together as one team at and around the project's location.

Work Initiation

All set! It's time to work and implement the meticulous planning, involving full supervision to prevent mistakes and waste valuable time.

Amid the process

Amid the execution phase, the core aptitudes of Shevet Binyamin shall manifest themselves. The method includes expert supervision, close contact, and weekly meetings at the client's site along with the contractors, supervisors, project managers, architect, and the supervision team.

Preliminary tour

It is possible to view the approximately finished project, and the excitement is at the height.

The final delivery of the brand-new designed offices

Once the finishing touches have been concluded, it's time to pass the finalized product to the satisfied client along with the facility files.

Accompanying and assisting the client during the transition period

During the transition period, the project manager accompanies the client to apply for logistical support while moving to host the new offices. It includes dismantling, packing, shifting the equipment, connecting the computers, gathering the equipment, hanging pictures, and assisting in the final touch to help the client personalize the new offices.

Every Great Project Begins with One Small Step