“Creativity is seeing what everybody sees, and thinking what no-one else thought”

– Albert Einstein

About The Company

“Shevet Binyamin” was founded in 2012 by the expert contractor Shai Gindi. Due to his well-known reputation, Shai associated with other contractors and leading professionals in the construction industry, who are reputed and highly respected for their high quality in construction and finishing works. Based on their concentrated expertise and experience in the private construction market, Shai decided to shift into the business sector and provide comprehensive and premium-quality services, with the same level of uncompromising quality finish. This led to establishing “Shevet Binyamin” a contracting firm specializing in innovative office construction and cutting-edge remodeling.

Adhering to top-level standards to provide the best of the design industry

The impeccable combination of vast experience, strong ties, and comprehensive mastery with the construction industry, along with ensuring contemporary innovation, and using advanced technologies, enables Shevet Binyamin to provide the appropriate suited answer to customer requirements. The company has set new standards of excellence, customer service and professionalism during its years of operation. A glimpse at the company’s projects is enough to appreciate the execution of an uncompromising finishing level.

It is the harmony of the elements creating a masterpiece

The company employs a staff of nearly 30 professional, diligent, skilled, and dependable employees, including forepersons, project managers, and other specialists, that are explicitly “tailored” by the type of project and the individual client’s needs and requirements. This strategy enables to efficiently and meticulously execute the process and strictly adhere to the agreed schedule and budget.

We don't have "little details," only synergistic impact

For every project executed under our “wings”, the company underlines all the details concerned – the little likewise the big ones. During the project’s phases, the meticulousness and supervision apply with the most advanced external control in the construction industry, enabling a smooth project progression that meets the schedules and budget.

Integrity shakes hand with quality

The company’s team consists of substantial and well-known professionals who have gained many years of experience in carrying out projects and forming an excellent working relationship with customers. Integrity and Reliability are the two utmost company’s most primary values which are being demonstrated in full transparency and disclosure to the Client throughout all phases of the project. Each of the company’s clients can be fully confident knowing that he is receiving the most Reliable and Quality Service existing.

Every Great Project Begins with One Small Step