Fields of Expertise

“Every Contracting project coming to the company goes through a meticulous planning process, down to the smallest details”

Shevet Binyamin is a contracting firm with extensive experience, specializing in projects involving the finish for commercial spaces for offices. Every contracting project coming to the company goes through a meticulous planning process, down to the smallest details. The next stage, execution under strict supervision, is carried out by professional, experienced work managers, to attain a perfect finish – along with a commitment to remaining meeting budget and scheduling commitments set in advance.

The company adheres strictly to the most demanding Israeli and International standards.
The company does the following types of work, among others:


The Shevet Binyamin company specializes in execution of all kinds of drywall projects, for both functional and decorative purposes. The projects are carried out with an emphasis on quality, creativity, a high level of esthetic finish, and offering a complete solution for the client’s needs.

Glass Wall Screens

Glass wall screens are one of the innovative and popular trends in contemporary design. Shevet Binyamin specializes in the installation of high quality glass wall screens, giving a building a prestigious and unique appearance.


The company specializes in the installation of all sorts of flooring, including the following: parquet, poured cement, ceramic, all kinds of carpets, and more. The company insists on using only the finest materials available in the market, and the installation is carried out by skilled professionals, meeting the highest possible standards.

Electric systems

The company plans and installs water and electric systems, and specializes in the installation of smart electrical systems, while taking into considerations the conditions on the ground, and the needs and requirements of the client.

Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems

There are several advanced, innovative systems for fire detection and suppression available on the market. All the solutions suggested by the company adhere to the strictest standards of the Israeli Fire and Rescue Service and the Israeli Standards Institute.

Paint Jobs

Execution of various kinds of paint jobs, using only reliable paints and materials, with close attention to the smallest details.

Demolition Jobs

Demolition of various kinds of walls, carried out by experts in the field. The demolition work is done after strict investigation, comprehensive planning of the work, and carried out in the most professional, meticulous, and safe manner.

Installation of Air Conditioning Systems

Planning and installation of advanced air-conditioning systems appropriate to the clients needs, from the leading firms in the field.

The Shevet Binyamin company employs and works with professional project managers who work on-site and accompany all stages of the project’s execution, to ensure uncompromising quality at every stage, and complete fulfilment of the project’s specific needs and the clients requirements.
The company has undertaken impressive projects under the supervision of leading architects in Israel. All these projects, without exception, completed with an uncompromising level of finish in harmony with the design style characterizing the prestigious business centers and towers in the Dan region and environs where they are located.

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